All About Granny Flats & How They Lead To Better Space Usage

Granny Flat

Granny Flats are a small house designed to accommodate two or three people, built on the same land or property that someone already owns. They are also called small homes, guest house, tiny house, mother – in – law cottage, and Granny pods. The right size granny flats can be used as an extra space for using as garden room areas, or if they are used as extra rooms where people can come and stay.  As the name suggests, it is made for families who wish to accommodate their aging parents. It can also be used for nannies or special guests or relatives as well.

Here Are Some Idea About Granny Flats For Better Space.

Granny Flat

Design of Granny Flats

As mentioned above, they are the small house designed to accommodate two or three people, built on the same land or property that someone already owns. But you should consider some designs if you want to live within the actual aim of these granny homes, which is more moderate, self-effacing, and accessible at the same time.

Size of Granny Flats

If there are a greater number of people, then you can join two granny flats or else, also go for a single storey r a double-storey granny flat. This will lead to better space optimization. While making these rooms, you should keep in mind, and it should not be that small, a person living there feels like it too suffocating or cramped. It is sufficient & ample to get one bedroom, one bathroom, and a decent, though the moderate-sized kitchen and living space.

Space of Granny Flats

Space required to build a Granny Flat depends upon several things such as the number of people using it. A single person or a couple, young or old, disabled or non – disabled will have different requirements & needs. Depending upon the area of the existing house or land, you can adjust the granny flat.

Types of Granny Flats

There are many different kinds of Granny Flats –

Attached Granny Flats: As the name suggests, it is attached with the main dwelling and is designed & made to fit and adjust within the house itself or on the same piece of land. In addition, you can check:

1. A fire-rated wall will be installed between the main house and the granny flat.

2. There will separate entrances for the houses, and the granny flat will have its entrance apart from the main entrance door.

Detached Granny Flats: As the name suggests, detached granny flats are separated & detached from the existing main house. One of the essential features of this kind of flat is that it increases privacy as it has a distinction between the houses, and many times fence is also used.

There is a separate entryway for both houses too. It can also be used for making detached studios or workplaces and small offices. These flats will especially be useful if you want to add a tenant to your home and if you need an extra space during some festive occasions, or if you want to give a Sunday fest bonanza.

Two – Storey Flats: Nowadays, these flats are becoming more popular and are widely used by families. These flats come in various sizes, styles, and unique features as you can make a double garage, balcony, and often increase the living area according to the requirements.

Flat with Garage:  These are the flats installed with a garage, a separate car parking area. It can also have a separate door.

Benefits of Granny flats

Granny Flats

There are many benefits of these flats, some of which are mentioned below:

• Cost-effective

• Increased value of your property

• Additional rental Income

• Design According to your needs

• Additional Accommodation with privacy and independence

• Multipurpose room

If you are considering making a granny flat, make sure that you get the best builder to do so.

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