Clog-Free Living: How To Clear Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Footscray

Blocked drains can be a real problem and must be taken care of as soon as possible in this detailed, informative article.

Discuss How To Clear Blocked Drains And Solve It At The Earliest Following The Proper Preventive Measures

Causes of blocking drains

There are so many reasons for drain clogging:

  • Growing roots in the garden easily block the drains.
  • Withered leaves and twigs from rainy seasons.
  • Cooking grease, fat, and oils block the pipes.
  • Accumulation of hairs can stop the regular flow in drain pipes. Also, furry hairs from pets can choke the pipes.
  • Makeup wipes, tissues, and sanitary pads can easily clog the bathroom drains. Baby diapers are also posing a great threat to drain clogging.
  • Cat litter.
  • Undersized pipes.
  • Food chunks can be hard, and sharp and these hard food chunks block the drain pipes.
  • In old properties pipes may be very old; joints become very loose and easily sag.
  • Soap chunks, toys, soft toys, dental flosses, toothbrushes.
  • Combinations of different substances can mix up and end with the clogging of drains.
  • The incorrect slope of sewer and water pipes.
  • Overload in water pipes.
  • Heavy rains and storms might harm the old drainage system, clogging the entire drainage system.
  • Broken or damaged pipes.
  • Installation of pipes by non-licensed plumbers.
  • Accumulation of minerals.
  • Damage to electrical wiring.

Effects of a blocked drain

1. Foul smell.

2. Damage to the house.

3. Pests and mold infestation problems.

4. Harmful for health.

5. Water contamination.

6. Slow water movement.

7. Water-related diseases.

How to clear blocked drains:

Blocked Drains Footscray
Blocked Drains Footscray

1. Home remedies

  • Pouring of boiling water, baking soda, and then vinegar down the kitchen drain or bathroom drain. A combination of baking soda and vinegar is also valuable for drain clogging by soap chunks.
  • Application of detergent and hot water.
  • Boiling water is very good for tackling the oil and fats that choked the drain. Boiling water helps to loosen the pipes, especially ceramic pipes. Not good for Plastic pipes. For clearing the plastic pipes, normal tap water will be more helpful.
  • Using Caustic cleaners found in supermarkets.
  • Using of hydro jets. This method is great for blocking drains.
  • Using of Plungers- They can easily clean the bathroom drain by giving up and down pressure and loosening the blockage.
  • Carefully checking the U-shaped pipe beneath the sink.
  • Accumulated hairs can be removed by wearing a glove or using drain spiders can be an easy method of removing hairs from drains.
  • Regularly cleaning fallen leaves and twigs and keeping the garden area dirt free. Sweep the yard regularly and try accumulating the compost heap from dried leaves.
  • grease or oils or fats can cause a great problem in drain blockage. To avoid such problems, start collecting the remaining oils in small bottles.
  • Use of garbage bins for disposal of sanitary pads, tampons, tissue papers, baby diapers, and make-up wipes. Also, be careful when you are disposing of food chunks through the drain. Avoid disposing of food chunks and fruit peel into the drain and try to use garbage bins for that. Excess food or leftover foods should be disposed of in compost bins. Disposing of such substances in drains can cause overflow, leading to many pest infestation problems.
  • Check the pipes regularly to avoid leaking issues.
  • Teach the kids not to throw the toys in the toilets. For such problems, snakes will be more effective. If the damage is big, then replace the pipes.
  • Putting off the drain covers.
  • Be careful about what has put down the toilets. Avoid flushing foreign substances through the toilets.
  • A drain camera is handy for identifying leaks and faults in the drainage system.

2. Benefits of hiring professional plumbers

  • Drainage exterior specialists can remove garden debris from drains.
  • Experts can remove the blockage from shower drains.
  • Using camera equipment experts can easily detect the root of the drain-clogging problem.
  • Modern-day types of machinery can help professionals to remove obstacles.
  • Cost-effective
  • They can identify the problems of clogging the kitchen sinks and remove the possible barriers.
  • Hiring a drainage engineer.


As drain blockage is a common problem in every household, the article provides some useful tips for this purpose.

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