How To Get Rid Of Blocked Toilet?

Blocked Toilet

Blocked toilet is a nightmare for house because you cannot even identify the exact issue sometime, and you pour water in your toilet floor to clean it. There you face the backflow of sewage water as a result. In this case, you can call a professional plumber to clean your toilet every week. They have some advanced tools, and they can inspect the probable leakages and blockages beforehand.

How To Clean Your Blocked Toilet?

Blocked Toilet

You can easily clean your waste in the trap by your hands and you must wear gloves while you clean such waste. Just take a plunger or brush and try to pour the deposited garbage from your toilet. You can try this method multiple times to clean your toilet.

If you fail to do so then you can buy a plumbers snake or auger from a hardware store and you can move this auger backward or forward inside the toilet. It will clean the blockage and you can flush the toilet once you remove the waste from your toilet. Auger can help you to clean the waste from the sewage lines and you should not put an auger forcefully because it can damage the PVC pipes and you will need to replace your pipes afterward.

Apart from that, you can also use hot water mixed with baking soda to remove the grease from your toilet lines. Without any professional help you should choose any chemicals to clean the blocked toilets. If the PVC pipes, then you can use warm water instead of hot water because hot water can melt your pipelines. Hot or warm water not only clean your toilet, but it can also keep your toilet odour free.

When would you call a plumber for your blocked toilet?

If you have a porcelain bowl, then you cannot use any chemicals to clean your blocked toilet because it can damage your toilet completely. You cannot remove such chemical stains from your toilet afterward. Taking expert help will always help to complete the cleaning work effectively. As they know the use of chemicals for the different blocks. They can detect the problem and solve it accordingly. It will be more hectic to clean the underground sewage lines because tree roots can penetrate your underground lines and block the toilet as well as sewage lines. The plumbers are expertise to solve such issues without many problems causing to the neighbours and owners.

If you face such issue, then you need to call a plumber to clean your toilet. Apart from that, you cannot use your blocked toilet and it will spread some bad odour in your rooms.  It will create a mess in your home, and it can also damage your overall property.

So, first you need to shut off the water to your toilet and then you must call a professional plumber to clean your blocked toilet.

How to prevent such issues?

Blocked Toilet

Your toilet can be blocked due to foreign particles, such as toilet papers, sanitary napkins, and soaps. You should keep a bin in your bathroom to dispose such waste in a proper way, and you should not throw such things in your toilet. Apart from that, you must clean your yard and prune the large trees on time, because dry leaves, branches and roots of large trees can block your sewage lines.

Blocked toilet can create some health problems and your family can suffer from breathing issue and serious infections. It is better to call a plumber to clean your toilets every week and you can easily prevent such blocked and clogged toilet problems by regular maintenance.

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