Ideas to Serve Food on a Wooden Tea Tray

Tea trays are available in almost every kitchen, as they work as a sturdy tableware that serves a myriad of purposes. However, most of the times, we do not give much consideration to the tray we buy for our serving needs. Apart from transferring something from one place to the other and doing a lot of other odd jobs, trays play a great role in adding theme and décor to the dining table as well. Whether you love hosting lunches and tea parties in your house, or you like to stay alone or with your family, a tea tray can be of immense significance. There are no limits as to what you can serve on these trays, as no one type fits all.

Tea trays can be made up of different materials, including plastic, melamine, bone china, ceramic, glass, bamboo, metal or wood. Out of all these, a wooden tea tray has a charm of its own. It looks classy, matches well with any kind of décor, and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Here Is A List Of Things You Will Be Proud To Serve On A Tray Made Of Wood.

Morning Or Evening Tea: Nothing can be better than serving tea on a wooden tea tray. Whether you are a green tea lover or you relish a hot masala tea with cream on top, a tray can be your best friend to serve that perfect cup of tea. A big size tray with sturdy handles can accommodate some cookies and snacks as well.

Coffee: A tea tray is not meant for tea only, you can serve coffee too.. However, a nice-looking woodsy tray will surely pep up your coffee experience manifold. A sturdy tray will allow you to carry snacks as well along with two coffee mugs.

Beverages: You can keep a decent sized tray at a beverage counter to serve drinks. While you enjoy the party, your guests can help themselves by picking their favourite drinks from the tray. When glasses are already placed on the tray, you can occasionally rotate them if needed and interact with your guests.

Breakfast In Bed:  Is it your better half’s birthday, or you just want to make him/her feel special? Are you planning to begin your anniversary with a romantic touch? Nothing can be better than serving a delightful breakfast in bed. Just add coffee, pancakes and eggs on a beautiful tray made of wood and in return, get hugs from your partner. You won’t regret keeping a little bouquet too along with the food.

Freshly Cut Fruits: If you are hosting a brunch, make a fruit platter of freshly cut fruits and serve it on a wooden tea tray. When you place fruits on a wooden fruit platter instead of a fruit salad bowl, you get a chance to show off your plating skills and also add some style to the serving table.

Cheese: Cheese of different types are loved by all. If you are unsure about what your guests will like to be served, just serve a collection of cheese on a wooden tea tray and it will definitely make your guests happy. Try to include a variety of cheese, including mozzarella, gouda, and other all-time favourites.

A wooden tea tray is not only good at looks, but it is undoubtedly a versatile accessory to have at your home. While it comes handy to serve drinks and food to your guests, it also makes your drinking and eating experience a delightful one. So, wait no longer and invest in a beautiful piece that can add a sense of style to your cutlery and décor.