Precautions And Remedies Taken When Blocked Sewers Are Treated

Blocked Sewer.

Blocked sewer are one the most problems that plumbing system faces. If these sewers are neglected and ignored from getting treated it might cause a lot of problem and disease to the human beings. These blocked sewer lead to bursting of pipes which lead to a huge problem in the whole drainage system. There are certain aspects which are too looked on like benefits to unblock blocked sewer or causes of blocked sewer.

Causes Of Blocked Sewer For Keeping Your 

  • When grease in poured down the drain– pouring down grease, fats or oil through the drain pipes are very dangerous as well as the main cause of drain and sewer blockage. Apart from grease, there are also many household cases of maladjustment like pouring paper napkins, plastic toys and many other small objects inside the drain, which leads to major drain blockage.
  • Tree or root introduction-sewer pipes in olden days were not made of PVC pipes. The roots and trees being directed towards water leads into these sewer pipes and gets accumulated forming a blockage and not trespassing anything through the pipes. It is imperative that when you have a Neem or any other plant growing inside the drainage system of your home, you need to be cautious to uproot it right at the start.
  • Pipe damage– due to breakage of the pipes it does not lead to a proper draining system. The flow of water and other materials causes problem which automatically disturbs the whole plumbing system. these pipe damages are caused by following reasons- 
  • leaking joints or cracks in the pipes which lead to rupture of the pipes and thus lead to damage of pipes
  • Due to soil shifting or excess soil erosion or heavy traffic or vehicle load, sometime pressures on the pipes get excess. This lead to pipe damaging or major breaking.
  • Debris flushing through the toilets– flushing of toilet utensils through toilet holes automatically leads to drainage of the pipes.
  • Some household or day to day materials which causes blockage are food, soap, some chemical minerals and some small objects like hair pins or spoons.
  • Sometimes bad installation of drainage pipes also is one of the causes.

Ways Of Clearing A Blocked Sewer

  • Use of hydro-jet– this instrument forces the pipes to unblock through a forceful stream of water through the pipes. The water due to immense pressure creates a passage again for the flow of water which leads to clearing he blocked sewer pipes.
  • With the plunger– it is more effective when the blockage is caused with the solid materials. it does not have any effect on the grease caused blockage.
  • Using DIY natural cleaner– this cleaner consists of baking soda and white vinegar. First the baking soda solution is poured followed by the white vinegar. This process is used for few times and the drain is covers for some time.
  • Boiling water– boiled water loosens or clears the blockage in the pipes by directly acting on the material which has caused blockage. You can use boiling water as a DIY method, but you need to call in professional plumbers if you need to keep your sewer in proper condition.
  • Use of caustic cleanser– it dissolves the blockage when solid materials like hair, grease, food materials or tissue papers causes blocking in the pipe.
  • Excavation- this is done when there is complete damage of the drainage system that is the pipes can no longer be cleared due to several times blockage.

You need to hire professional plumbers who have drain cleaning snakes, pipe relining tools and sewer hole cleaning tools to get your sewer cleaned within a short span of time. Always check the years of experience that they have, and then hire them accordingly.

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