Town Planning: Points To Note About Becoming A Town Planner

Town Planner

Taking a prosperous career, then why not consider becoming an urban planner. An urban planner or town planner is one of Australia’s most demanding career opportunities. These urban planners work with metropolitan councils or with a government organization.

There are many private organizations as well that higher town planners. If You Are looking to make a good career choice, you can consider this a great opportunity. In this blog, we will discuss the details of how you can pursue your career as an urban planner.

The Exciting And Diverse Role Of A Town Planner Town Planner

A town planner is responsible for managing the development of new areas in town, cities, and the countryside. They are responsible for reviewing the existing areas, assisting in gaining permission for development, and ensuring that the development of the town will not impact the environment. To sum up, they ensure that the project development doesn’t impact the environment and adheres to all the regulations. 

The Job Role Of A Town Planner And What It Entails

  • A town planner plans and develops the policy at the local, regional and national levels. While doing so, they also consider the economy, jobs, green infrastructure, climatic change, and historical environment.
  • They also review the existing planning policies and the documentation for the same
  • They also assist in preparing and implementing the transport policies and strategies that eventually help ensure a seamless transport network in the city. This also includes cycle routes, routes, and road routes.
  • Also, ensure that the infrastructure and the city development are attractive and safe.
  • They ensure a balance between the growing population and environmental impact.
  • Proper research and planning before starting with the construction work
  • They help in drafting and reviewing the planning applications
  • They manage a client’s portfolio
  • Assis in developing a business relationship
  • Land impact analysis.
  • Sewage planning
  • Geographical mapping and analysis
  • Food supply needs determination

The Untapped Potential Of Town Planning 

If you have a career as a town planner in Australia, then on average, you can earn $95,000 per year or $48.72 per hour.

Entry-level positions salary of a town planner  $84,510 per year

Salary of an experienced town planner-  $125,738 per year.

How To Become A Town Planner? 

To become a town planner in Australia, you must have some formal qualifications. Employers prefer to hire individuals with an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in urban planning or an allied field.

So You Want To Be A Town Planner? Here’s What You Need To Know

Town Planner

  • You must have a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education in English and mathematics to be able for applying as a town planner.
  • Next, you need to complete a 4-year tertiary qualification in Urban Planning or Bachelor of Urban Development or Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning.
  • After completion of the course, you will get placement opportunities, or else you can start seeking opportunities yourself.
  • You must become a member of the Planning Institute of Australia and get updated news about the industry, latest development, and technologies.
  • At the same time, to excel in this domain, you must also go ahead with a postgraduate qualification like a Master of City Planning or Master of Urban and Regional Planning.  This will open up new avenues of job opportunities. In addition, an experienced professional has a higher earning potential.


Choosing the right career path is important for a prosperous professional goal. Urban planning or town planning is not merely limited to the city area, but even the regional locations, the demand for a town planner is growing every single day. Choosing urban planning as your career will give you a wider growth horizon.

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