What Exactly Does Pipe Relining Refers To?

It has been observed that in the past, drain or sewer lines could only be repaired by digging the ground around them, to expose and then replace them. This destruction caused to the landscaping would then require a revamping process that again demanded an additional burden of high expenditure. To do away with all these limitations, pipe relining was introduced as a cost-effective and exemplary alternative to the conventional repair methodology.

Pipe relining is the existent method to mend the damaged underground drain and sewage pipelines, without overbearing costs and detrimental digging. Though having been functional for past many years, pipe relining has recently gained momentum and recognition.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

Pipe Lining.

As suggested, pipe relining is a no-dig alternative to mending the damaged sewer or drain pipeline. To be precise about the benefits which are spurring on this method, over the conventional method are:

  • Can repair the damaged lines within 24 hours
  • Saves time, expenses and damage to property
  • Negligible havoc and noise pollution
  • Guaranteed repair
  • Preservation of environment ensured
  • A better result in terms of flow and pipe’s life
  • All blockings and cracks in the existent pipelines are done away with

How is pipe relining carried out? It is a very simple process but requires great skill and deftness. A patented epoxy lining is placed inside the already existing pipe and then adjusted such that the existent pipe lining and the new lining together appear as a new pipe line. The new pipe line is then made firmer and a new pipe thus is formed from and within the already laid pipe line.

Why is pipe relining becoming significant?

Pipe relining is a revolutionary conceptual method that works on a simple replacement strategy. Owing to the several benefits it has to offer, it is becoming overly populous in the residential and commercial sector and also evoking interests of several business groups. To know more about how it may be benefiting various sectors, let us delve a little more into its operations:

#1. Residential:

For property owners, tenants or property managers, Sewer pipe relining is an ideal solution as it saves them from unnecessary damage caused by excavation to their property and ensures long-lasting guarantee to the replaced pipe line. It also does away with all past blockings or cracks within the drain or sewer and the most vital is that it is cost-effective.

#2. Commercial advantage:

There are many plumbing service providers in the city, a state or a country carrying out a repair to the damaged pipelines.

All of them may not be well versed with this new method of trenchless repair to the existent pipe lines. Small plumbing operators who do not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out the task independently can join hands with pipe lining service providers who are into pipe relining to expand their business.

Civil engineers can also introduce pipe relining to their clientele to spread awareness and help save unnecessary wastage of money and land destruction.

#3. Local Authorities:

It is within the duties of a council or a local authority to ensure the best alternatives to any harm or damage caused to the public property keeping the impeccable landscaping intact. For any public areas like the parks, car parking, gardens or streets, which cannot be disturbed, pipe relining offers the best alternative to repairing the damaged sewer or drain lines which fall under such areas. They do not let any disturbance disrupt the normal functioning of the public areas, and nor do they let the state property get affected by disastrous effects.

Pipe Lining

Perhaps, it is time to bid adieu to the conventional method of repairing a damaged underground drain or sewage pipeline and implement the quick, resilient, cost-effective and least disrupting technology i.e. pipe relining.

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