6 Techniques Used by Professional Automotive Locksmiths to Remove a Broken Key

When your key tears off inside your car lock with that stomach-curdling shot, emotions of panic and helplessness descend over the crises. Some positiveness for an instant. “I can still unlock this lock, at least.” STOP!

Before you work on anything, ensure you have a clear understanding of this entire post. Out of all five of these ways, there will be the best means to extract your broken key. The promising way will rely on your exact circumstance. These are few tips recommended and used by some car lockout service providers and professional residential locksmiths in Bethesda MD.

1. Apply Oil

Before pulling the damaged key from your vehicle door lock, showering an oil-based lubricant like WD-40 in the surroundings of your keyhole can make it manageable. Professional automotive locksmiths commonly employ a dry lubricant because it won’t give the keyhole thing a grimy sense over time. Still, if you’re in a speck, an oil-based lubricant can accomplish that.

After applying oil on the keyhole, make sure to wipe away the excessive oil that is being left on the surface.

2. Trying a Key Extractor to Pull out a Broken Key

When you don’t like to waste all day attempting to use some DIY technique for extracting the broken key, try what the professional automotive locksmith uses.

There is indeed no better means to remove a broken key that is stabbed in a lock than with the equipment that has been constructed, particularly for that reason, the key extractor.


3. Use Needle Nose Pliers to Extract the Key

In some conditions, the key may not be shoved inside the lock, and there may be more of it projecting out that you can pull it with a set of needle-nose pliers.

Tweezers can also help and perhaps even better since they are very slim. Just try whichever you possess on hand.

4. Extract With Paperclip

Bent the paperclip into a flat line, try to insert it into the keyhole just above the torn key piece. Once deep enough into the bolt, twist the paperclip down to pluck the back of the key. Once it’s hooked on the key, haul straight outwards to pull out the key.

5. Use Sticky Putty

If accessible to you, you can attempt using a very adhesive or tacky putty to extract the key piece.  Jab the putty into the keyhole and enable it to settle for a few moments, then drag it out. If you’re fortunate, the damaged tip will pull out as well.

6. What if You Still Can’t Get the Broken Key Out?

If you’ve attempted it all, except the glue, pull out the lock from the car door and take it to an automotive locksmith. They will be competent to have the key out for less than the cost of a new lock.

Bottom Line

Most of these techniques need a bit of repetition. It will be super helpful of you don’t have to struggle for hours in order to save some money. A professional automotive locksmiths will cost you some money but hiring an automotive locksmith is worth it. It will help you in saving money and hence keeping you sane.