A Detailed Guide On Custom Sheds

Be it animal shed or a temporary storage, a quarantine shelter for animals or warehouse – you can install some customized sheds according to your requirement. The custom sheds are built from scratch with the best quality materials and you can customize your shed within your budget. Apparently the sheds from the warm northern region of Australia might not be suitable for the rainy wintry climate in southern region and vice versa.

In terms of materials, you can stick to one in particular or mix and match for added durability. Stainless steel, aluminium, wood, tin and even thatches are some of the common materials used in sheds. Before customization, here are the factors you should consider.

Environmentally Safe 

Different parts of Australia require different types of custom sheds depending upon the weather and climatic conditions. In the northern tropical regions of Australia, you should consider making shed out of that building material which prevents heat radiation through the walls, roof and the surrounding areas. Non-conductive materials that have proper heat insulating feature are very well suited for custom sheds to provide optimum humidity and proper air velocity.

Likewise for rainy-wintry southern region, steel can be used for making custom sheds due to its durability and low maintenance. Unlike wooden or thatched sheds, steel does not require regular repairs, replacements or maintenance. In windy regions, steel comes out to be a strong shedding option.

Sheds For Different Operations 


The custom sheds should be set up according to the livestock or material you want to store.  Here, you can find benefits of custom sheds:

  • For keeping cattle, you need to build a shed that is open from the front area so that the animals don’t find themselves too confined and can have the natural view and sufficient ventilation. You can customize it with shutters that will protect them in rain, excessive heat and storm.
  • Space efficiency should be kept in mind for the storage section so that there is always ample amount of spare space available when you keep the farming vehicles, accessories and products.
  • To provide comfort to animals and keep the stored products fresh for the seasons to come, you should install ventilators, windows, heaters and insulators in the custom sheds.
  • For producing high quality eggs from the chicken and ducks, design a roll-away arrangement on the floor with spacious cages.

Types Of Sheds Available In The Market 

Here are the different types of custom sheds that you might consider –

  • Dairy Shed –Here you can keep the cows, buffaloes, goats and also sheep in separate compartments while providing proper space according to their numbers. The dairy products derived from them can be stored in a separated section of this shed.
  • Poultry Shed –Separate compartments can be made as per different variants of chicken or ducks according to their products i.e. meat and eggs.
  • Hay And Fodder Storage –The custom sheds for the livestock food can contain fodder for different animals and birds. You should, however, keep the food separately to avoid contamination.
  • Machinery Shed –Also utilized as a workshop, the machinery shed can be divided into sections. In one section daily usable farm equipment can be stored whereas in other section rarely used equipments can be stored.
  • Isolation and Quarantine Shed –At the entrance, you can set up the quarantine shed so that new animals can be kept here before joining the others in their respective sheds. The isolation shed should also be used for sick animals.


To address the various tasks involved in your farm, you need to make different sheds and maintain proper distance wherever needed.