Add A Touch Of Warmth To Your Bathroom With Timber Vanities

Are you looking out for  new Vanities for your bathroom renovation? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will be throwing some light on the latest trend of installing timber vanities in the bathroom space.

This blog will be a brief overview regarding the installation of timber vanities in modern bathrooms. You can go for wall-hanging, contemporary and modern varieties that look good in any contemporary home.

Right from dressing tables in your room, to vanity units in your bathroom, timber gives the perfect aesthetic design and style when it comes to refurbishing your bathrooms or other rooms in general.

Bathroom is mostly considered as a stark and uninviting space of your home, but you can create a sense of warmth and luxury in this obsolete space by making timber vanity a part of this space.

Timber is a kind of wood, and wooden vanities are back in trend now.
Out of various types of wood available in the market, timber is of topmost priority and is loved by most homeowners.

However, when it comes to vanities made from timber, most of the homeowners have few concerns regarding their decision of installing timber vanities in their bathroom.

How Timber Copes up with Water?

Bathroom is a space that remains wet for most of the time and bathroom Vanities are frequently used by family members, especially if you have kids at home. Every now and then, they will come and wash their hands making the space on and around vanity wet.

People mostly think that installing timber vanities in bathroom is not a good idea as water spillage will damage it. However, the truth is that timber is rather more durable than other alternatives, provided it has right kind of finish.

This timber is mostly coated by laminate or melamine, and both of these materials are plastic in nature. The lamination makes the timber items more sustainable and durable.

How to Keep Timber Surface Long-Lasting?

To keep your timber vanity long-lasting, firstly you need to make sure that its external coating doesn’t get scratched. But if scratch has also occurred on its surface, then you can apply natural oil and wax finish, commonly known as osmo, to renovate its surface.

To bring back timber into its original state, you can use light sand and application of this oil-wax finish.

Why Choose Custom Made Timber Vanities?

Timber Vanities
Timber Vanities

It is always best to have a freedom of choice while creating your own bathroom space. If you have decided to install timber vanity in your bathroom, then get it custom made.

Customization also means you can get your vanity tailored as per your needs such as how many drawers you want, do you want shelves or cupboard system or combination of both, etc.

You can give your contractor the exact measurements that you need in your bathroom vanity. The range of customization offers colors, designs and layers that blend well with the rest of your home décor.

What Factors to Consider While Choosing Floating Timber Vanities?

These days the most popular style among vanities is floating timber vanity. These are called floating because they don’t touch the ground and hang in the air by taking wall support.

You can ask the builder to give you confirmation about this and if required you can reinforce the wall with steel support, so that it can hold on to the timber vanity easily without any risk.

So, this was a basic informative guide about timber vanity. We hope readers have got enough information on this topic and now will be able to make an informed choice regarding installation of timber vanity in their bathroom space  in your apartment or home.

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