Family Law Solicitors: Guide For The First Meeting


After going through tough times due to family clashes and disagreements, you finally decide to stand up for yourself. Starting over life again alone itself brings numerous challenges. In between these emotional breakdowns, you have to find a family law solicitor who can help solve your issues. Therefore, you need a proficient practitioner who can handle property issues, divorce, domestic violence, children’s custody, de facto relations issues, etc.

In order to determine those skills and knowledge, here are a few questions that you can consider asking from them.


Q1. Did You Ever Have Any Case With Similar Situation As Mine?

A prior experience or knowledge about case studies similar to your case can add benefits in the process of winning. Check if your family law solicitor about the number of cases and the outcomes of these cases. You will be able to understand how much they are capable of.

Q2. Do You Have Any Specialization Or Training Which Will Be Beneficial In My Case?

Many skilled lawyers have specialisation or knowledge in handling patent cases, DUI, etc., which can be helpful. Ensure that your situation falls in any such category or not.

Q3. What Information Do I Need To Share To Win The Case?

A lawyer needs evident evidence to turn the court’s decision in your favour. Therefore, your family law solicitor will usually say that it will depend on the proceedings what all information you have to share. They must be able to guide on what you to be ready with.

Q4. How Much Are You Going To Charge, And What Will Be The Payment Based On?

It is better to clear all the queries related to the payment before signing any deal. Some lawyers charge on an hourly basis, while others may ask you for a fixed fee based on the hour and input they are going to put in. In both these cases, you should know the complete breakthrough of all the parameters they are including for charging you that fee.


Q5. What Are The Drawbacks Or Weaknesses In My Case?

A family law solicitor has an abundance of dealing with different cases and knows where situations can go out of hand. During an argument in the court session, many times, it happens that some points are brought by the opposition party, which can trap you or be problematic for you. Hence, your legal practitioner can help you in pointing out those points and can tell you the perfect response for such scenarios.

Q6. How Much Time Will You Be Able To Give To My Case, Or How Often We Will Communicate?

Finally, do not forget to ask about the possible outcomes of your case. Being optimistic is another aspect, but the reality check is also important. Mentally be prepared for bad situations, whether the judgement will be in your favour or not. Your family law solicitor must be having other cases as well to deal with. To make sure that your solicitor does not take you or your case for advantage, it is better to set up a time for meetings and communication.

Do remember it is crucial that your family law solicitor have in-depth knowledge about how to deal with your case. Furthermore, it becomes important that you hire someone with efficient skills and tactics. A competent lawyer will always be able to reply to all your questions correctly without creating any doubts. Look for a legal advisor who can understand your situation and help you get the rights you deserve. Feel free to ask any further questions other than these; if you have. It is better to clear doubts initially.

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