How Drones Have Changed Real Estate Photography

It’s no secret that technology has played a dramatic role in why and how the real estate market is as advanced as it is today. Everything from virtual tours to smart homes, it is pretty safe to say that as technology evolves, so will the real estate market as well. Among the many technological evolutions of the real estate market, drone photography is an area that has grown in popularity exponentially.

Think about it… Years ago, if you wanted aerial shots of a property, you had to either hire a professional helicopter pilot or know how to fly yourself, or build and operate your own drone, and how to take pictures . Today, you can have that necessary drone technology  with a professional camera attached delivered to your door right from your fingertips with a simple swipe and tap on Amazon or other e-commerce site.

In today’s real estate market, especially in luxury real estate, photographers who are qualified to operate drones are now the go-to’s for realtors, as they produce impeccable and sophisticated aerial views of homes. In fact, according to Multiple Listing Service® (MLS) statistics, homes that had aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with only standard photography images… So, this statistic is proof that drone photography has not only completely changed the digital landscape of the real estate market, but it has also changed how homebuyers and sellers expect to interact with the properties they are interested in.

Drones, thanks to their one-of-a-kind capabilities, are revolutionizing the methods in which real estate is advertised, marketed, and sold. The following are some of the ways that drones are altering the landscape of real estate.

Faster Images for Real Estate Listings

When it comes to real estate photography, timing is of the utmost importance. You do not need to wait for an appointment time that has been agreed upon when you have new customers who are interested in selling their home. After hanging up the phone with a potential buyer, real estate brokers and sales agents have the option of hiring qualified photographers to use drones to capture exterior photographs of a property for their listing. Because of this, real estate agents may be able to get their listing up and running even before potential buyers have a chance to view a home’s interior. Drones are also being utilized for more conventional tasks, such as property appraisals and inspections and mapping out property lines.

Withstands Varying Heights and Outdoor Conditions

Drones are useful because they are mobile solutions that can handle different heights and outdoor conditions. Whether it is a bird’s-eye view or a shot angled down from tree height, or a smooth, swooping conversion between both, aerial drone photography has a light, acrobatic quality that gives real estate professionals an engaging final product that they could not get with older methods of aerial photography.

Wider Shot Angles of a Home’s Interior

When it comes to the real estate industry, drones are not just for taking pictures of the outside of properties anymore. In addition, they can be used inside a house to take photographs from wider angles than those that can be achieved by a conventional photographer. You probably already have some idea of how challenging it may be to snap photographs in a limited place if you have ever attempted to do so. The ability to capture wider picture angles across all of a home’s rooms is exactly what real estate brokers seek in photographs, and with the use of a small drone, this is something that can be accomplished. This enables more prospective buyers to have a clearer concept of what the interior of the home looks like and gives the impression that the space is larger than it actually is.

The Ability to Tell an Entire Story in One Picture
With aerial drone photography, real estate agents can show an entire property in a single photo or video, including the outside of a property, pools, a large yard, exquisite landscape features, property lines, and how close it is to nearby attractions. Because of the advancement of real estate photography, most potential buyers are not as interested in a series of pictures of the exterior of a property that forces them to put them all together in their minds.

Additionally, aerial photography also provides potential buyers the opportunity to envision a particular lifestyle. Through these photos, people looking to buy should be able to imagine themselves living in the property, which, in turn, helps them create that mental image, encouraging them to buy.

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