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The Impact Of Hair Loss On A Woman’s Confidence




Hair loss can be devastating to women, so it’s important to acknowledge your feelings and develop coping strategies to boost your self-esteem.

The average person loses 50-100 strands of hair a day, but with a similar amount growing simultaneously. This means that our overall volume is typically pretty constant. When a woman loses much more than the average amount, this could be due to several different factors – from chemotherapy to alopecia. Whatever the reason for your hair loss. This can have a significant impact on your self-confidence and consequently affect your quality of life in several ways. 

Coping Strategies When Dealing With Thinning Hair 


Withdrawal From Social Occasions

Women who experience hair loss often have to cope with some overwhelming emotions at the same time. Some may be navigating cancer treatment, whilst others may lose their hair. As a result of immense stress, as in the case of the condition Telogen Effluvium. Such stress can be hard to deal with publicly and coupled with a physical. Change in appearance can cause many to feel self-conscious and want to shy away from their normal social activities. 

Relationship Stress 

Other women will be concerned about how their hair loss will affect their partner’s feelings towards them. Whether they will still be perceived as being attractive or worthy of love. Where this is an issue, communication is essential both to gain reassurance and to reveal exactly how you’re feeling about it. As your partner won’t be able to accurately guess what you’re going through. Couples counseling or treatment can be helpful, and the earlier you make an appointment the better. 


Asking For Help 

Of course, your other relationships with friends and family may also be affected by the hair loss. If you’re not feeling able to attend social occasions and can’t relax if you do manage to go out. It can be useful to attend a support group, either for alopecia, cancer, or any other condition that is causing hair loss. By meeting people who are going through the same experience as you. you’ll be able to discuss coping strategies and feel reassured that you’re in the same boat. Accepting your hair loss is a huge step, but focusing on your many other positive qualities will help to restore your self-confidence. 

Real Hair Wigs 

In many cases, your hair will grow back – for example, once chemotherapy has finished. But whilst you’re waiting for this to happen. you can receive a huge boost to your self-esteem by choosing to wear real hair wigs. Handcrafted and customized to suit your shape and measurements. you can be assured you’ll receive an incredibly natural-looking wig that matches your requirements in terms of color, texture, volume, and style. It fits discreetly to your head, with no hint of the wig foundation being visible. 

Hair loss can be devastating to a woman’s confidence, but by acknowledging your feelings, taking steps to receive support. You developing coping strategies early on, you can work on increasing your self-esteem once again. 

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