6 Best Places to Visit in Baltimore


Baltimore is not just gorgeous, but it is also a diverse and interesting city. If you’re visiting Baltimore, Maryland, there are a few sights that you simply must see. There are numerous museums, markets, monuments, and other sights throughout Baltimore that can only be appreciated up close and personal. Here is a list of must-see attractions in Baltimore that you must see after booking Allegiant airlines tickets.

The Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles is Baltimore’s official baseball team. Watch it playing at Oriole Park in Camden Yards. This stadium is located in the center of downtown Baltimore. It hosts thousands of enthusiastic spectators. Suppose you enjoy baseball and want to visit this stadium. It should be on your list of things to visit after reaching here with Allegiant airlines Booking.

Lexington Market

Lexington Market is not a stock market. This is the oldest market in the USA. It has been here since 1782. Lexington Market has been serving the Baltimore region for generations, offering a unique selection of foods and commodities that can’t be found anywhere else. Lexington Market is also located in Baltimore City’s downtown district, just a few blocks from Camden Yards. Book Allegiant airlines tickets to shop for some exotic gifts.

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is a popular casino in downtown Baltimore. It offers a variety of activities such as card games, roulette wheels, shopping, and dining. After a given amount of time, various casino areas transform into nightclubs. That implies there will be cocktails, dancing, and music on the agenda for the evening. There is never a dull moment at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

The National Great Black

The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum is the country’s first wax museum. It is dedicated to black history. This museum gives you an insight into African-American history. It features exhibits of notable personalities. These personalities were pivotal in the civil rights movement, back to the days of slavery and the hardships that enslaved people had to face. The figurines depicting such true events in this museum are not only enlightening but also heartbreaking.

The headquarters of Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known brand. It is also known for producing high-quality athletic apparel. The Under Armour headquarters are located in downtown Baltimore. It is at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Under Armour’s products are worn by both professional athletes and ordinary people. Suppose you’re a fan of the company and the high-quality products. It would help if you visited headquarters. It produces things they want to pay a visit to their headquarters.

The Port Discovery Children’s Museum

The Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a fantastic spot for families with kids to go for a day of fun. Children can take part in mystery-solving excursions, which are very interesting. You can also enjoy a zip line and a library here. While the kids are having fun and exploring the museum, they are also learning, making it even better. Book an allegiant flight ticket to Baltimore.

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