All you need to know about an auxiliary dwelling unit

Auxiliary dwellings or ADU as we popularly know them are an additional housing built on the same land. You can use the additional space available with you and convert it into auxiliary dwellings. While the concept is not very new, it is only in recent years that this format has picked up the pace. There are a number of reasons why people want to develop auxiliary dwelling units, a few of which are mentioned below:

auxiliary dwelling

Use up the additional space– One of the first reasons is that auxiliary dwellings are a great way to use up the extra space. You can convert the space in your backyard or garage into an ADU. This will be a good addition to your place, and it will also enhance the value of the property.

Rental income– Who would not want extra income flowing in, and by making a small change in the extra space available with you, you can earn more money. You can rent out the auxiliary dwellings and earn recurring amount from it.

Make it your lounge space– The next way to make your ADU more useful is by converting it into a lounge space; use it to practice music, or just relax with your friends.

Stay for the elderly people– Well, the concept of ADU had come forth because in the earlier times people used to create extra space in the house for the elderly people and that’s why it got the name of granny flats. Since the concept has revived now, you can use this space for your family’s older adults.

These were some of the benefits of auxiliary dwellings. Now you have to find the best contractor who can create a nice ADU in the available space. A contractor will help you choose the right design and build it as per the protocol of the government, thereby ensuring that the place is built as per the standard norms. So, it all boils down to choosing the best contractor for building auxiliary dwellings.

Tips for choosing the right contractor:

Experience matters- The first parameter on your list should be to choose an experienced contractor. Since they have been working in the business for quite some years, it becomes easier for them to build a dwelling that is as per your requirement.

Check their portfolio– One of the key aspects that you should not miss to consider is checking the portfolio of the contractor’s work. It will give you an idea about the working and creativity of the contractor. Moreover, it will help you understand whether or not the contractor will be able to handle your project.

Ask for the estimates- The costing of auxiliary dwellings may greatly vary depending on the type of design you are looking for. A high-end auxiliary dwelling means you need to spend more amounts, so you must speak to the contractor in advance and know about the pricing of insertion.

Check the license– The next important factor that you need to check is the license of the contractor. If they have the license to operate, only then you should handover them the project. This license is a guarantee that the contractor is authorized to do construction. Moreover, such contractors would be well-aware of the standards and norms of construction, thus providing you with the best service.


This was the basic information about an auxiliary dwelling. If you too have some extra space and want to earn more from it, then constructing an auxiliary dwelling is a good move. Choose the right contractor and create a beautiful space.

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