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Aerial Photography Services Help Landowners Sell Faster

Are you selling land with or without a structure? Showing off the property to best effect can be tough if you stick with photographing it from the ground. Consider the cost of holding onto raw land or land that’s only partly developed. Whether you are selling an acre of residential land or two hundred acres of rural land, aerial photography services help landowners sell faster. If location is the most important thing in selling real estate, good presentation is the second most important thing.

The Benefits of Aerial Photography Services

Aerial photography is the answer. Professional images and video taken by a drone will showcase your land’s potential. No text-based description can compare to some good still photographer. And a few photos at ground level can’t compare to an aerial “survey of the property. This view of the property is immensely helpful to potential buyers, regardless of what the property looks like or how it is zoned. Someone looking for a place to build a country home will be able to better imagine where they’d put the house and driveway. Someone looking for a place to build an industrial park will know how to arrange the buildings, the parking lot, and so on. This is what helps to close the deal.

Better yet, aerial images can draw the viewer’s attention to nearby highlights or amenities. Obviously, people will notice a pond or a creek bordering the property. Will they see I-24? Not necessarily. Will they realize several restaurants and retail outlets are just down the street? Maybe. Wouldn’t it be better to call out the interstate and the nearby businesses in aerial images? 615 Media can do that with our professional video editing.

Consider the cost an investment in moving the land. Owning it comes with ongoing costs. The sooner you sell the land the sooner you can put the money to good use in another investment. Supplement aerial photography with some expert still photography from ground level to make the best possible impression. And your expert aerial photography won’t be that expensive either.

Expert Aerial Photography in Murfreesboro, TN

Our licensed and insured drone operators use advanced digital equipment to create amazing, high-res videos of land, suburban homes, commercial properties, and more. We add value to their videos with professional editing. If you have a large amount of land to sell, we would love to talk to you about our photography services. Time is money! Contact us today.