General Overview On Pipeline Investigation

From a big firm to a medium-sized residential house, every property requires a pipeline investigation after a certain time. But do you know why pipeline investigation is essential before moving into a new place? What is the necessary equipment that a professional uses during this investigation? Whether you need to install the pipelines for commercial or industrial oil use or for setting up water channels for commercial use, you need to hire the best engineers who can investigate the condition of the pipelines. Then don’t worry; after reading the below information, you get acknowledged with all the aspects related to pipeline investigation.

What does pipeline investigation involve?

When you call a company for the pipeline inspection, there are a few things that they check in your pipelines.


These include the following aspects:

  • Leak detection
  • Catering
  • Free span detection
  • Survey of the route
  • Detection of cracks
  • Measurement of the pipeline geometry or diameter
  • Recording the pressure and temperature
  • Measuring metal damage due to rust, corrosion, mold, etc.
  • Measurement of wax or greasy substance deposition on the surface of pipelines, etc.

Why is pipeline investigation necessary?

You never know when you find shortcomings in the pipeline services, such as in the drainage system or if it is during transportation of oils & gas. Pipeline investigation helps in detecting these limitations or issues, hence, signifying the necessity of regular inspection and maintenance. For instance, you are given the responsibility of transporting gas supplies through pipes. There should not be any leakage in the pipeline. The whole concept of pipeline manufacturing and utilizing the lines is for giving you the best benefit of water or oil transportation.

The investigation helps in detecting the need for maintenance. This helps in reducing the damage to the environment, loss of life, or risk of injuries. Also, there is a high risk of it catching fire as these can be flammable. Hence, pipeline investigation becomes mandatory to reduce the occurrence of such a situation. This is something happening on a small scale; now think how much chaos it will create when this situation arises in a big organization or firm. For hydronic heating systems and for channelizing hot water through branches, pipelines are extremely necessary. So, if there is any broken or leaking pipe, that might lead to major disasters.

Apart from environmental damage and threat to life, improper pipelines can obstruct your services. The pipeline inspection helps find any sort of faults, whether it is installation or functioning, etc. In addition, with the transportation of dangerous and toxic gases, the transportation process has to be well-functioning. Even minor cracks or leakages in gas or oil pipelines can lead to explosions. Along with that, in geotechnical and geothermal projects also, the usability of the right pipelines is very important.


Equipment necessary for pipeline investigation

These are some essential tools that every service provider has in their toolkit.

  • Sledgehammer
  • Gas monitor
  • Digging bar
  • Manhole hook
  • Shovel
  • Downhole roller
  • Flashlight
  • Lowering rope
  • Repair kit for electric appliance

Reasons to call a professional for pipeline investigation

Pipeline investigation is not like any random DIY project of yours; it is done to reduce future problems. Hence, it is better to hire a professional team of members, having in-depth knowledge about the pipelines and their functioning.

  • As these professionals have adequate knowledge, they can easily detect the minor malfunctioning of pipelines.
  • An ordinary person does not have all the necessary tools, which help in finding issues with the systems.
  • You may miss out on some dysfunctioning, but when a professional arrives, they ensure to check every segment of pipes.

After reading the above information, you might have understood why pipeline investigation is necessary.

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