How to Start Using a Strategic Marketing Campaign

You have an idea for a product. Or maybe a service. You might already own a business. You could be an entrepreneur with a dream or a veteran business leader who has been around the block a time or two.  

You are all different but what is the common denominator for success? You can’t go it alone. Every business must market its products and services and the place to start is working with experts to develop a strategic marketing campaign 

That can quite possibly sound daunting or even out of reach for a small business owner. It may seem entirely unnecessary for an established business with significant brand awareness. But both would be wrong if they want to build, maintain, and grow a business that is sustainable and profitable far into the future. Whom do you trust for this expertise? 

You Begin with the Experts

strategic marketing campaign

CDMG can create a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals to gain customers and drive profits. We conceive, develop, and implement. We play the long game because the long term is what you are striving for in relation to reaping the benefits of a successful business.  

How many times in your daily life have you been asked the question, “what’s the game plan?” How many times have you had the answer? “I don’t know” and “whatever you want” are frequent answers. This won’t work when you are trying to get your message out to the customers you want to reach.  

Short-term marketing goals- or worse- no goals at all could quite likely impede growth or even doom your business. We always want to share our best digital marketing tips to change your mindset about the impact of a strategic analysis of your business and audience subsequently combined with a digital marketing strategy that will give you a sustainable advantage in an always competitive marketplace.  

Questions Asked and Answered 

digital marketing strategy

This can be an interesting, highly informative conversation. Let’s start with your goals. Do you know what they are? We can discuss building brand recognition, launching products, increasing traffic, and improving customer engagement just to name a few.   

This is the perfect time to conduct a marketing audit. Are you familiar with what you have used? What worked and what didn’t? Are you familiar with the numerous platforms available to market your business? There might be a few you have missed, and if so, then you probably lost some potential customers and revenue.  

 Here’s the next big question: Who is your audience? Don’t say everyone. That’s a huge group and not necessarily correct. This is where strategic analysis plays a crucial role. We will help you target the correct people for the corresponding product or service. This efficient approach to gaining new customers is based on the numbers we gather from our intense scrutiny of algorithms and how we apply that knowledge to increase customer engagement and sales.  

Who is your competition? Again, everyone is not the correct answer. This answer is vital as CDMG hones your message to reveal to your audience why you are unique and how your business will exceed expectations and transfer allegiance from competitors with whom they are familiar.   

The Fun Begins 

This next step in your strategic marketing campaign is where our creative team takes the information from the data analysis and develops substantive content to convey your message across multiple marketing channels. We recognize the importance of integrated marketing therefore we know the strategies we create are never a one-stop shop. Social media and other digital platforms as well as traditional media like TV and radio offer powerful stages to turn your business into a household name associated with quality and unique offerings.  

Timing is Everything 

All the pieces are in place and your campaign is ready to launch. But when? Then when is just as important as the who and the what. There are broad areas to consider like seasons, but timing can be pinpointed to when you can potential customers. Again, our analysis of the data associated with each chosen platform regarding their users will be a determining factor in engaging with them not only consistently, but when they are most likely to engage with you and what your business offers. Our marketing strategists are aware of the most effective times to post on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. These are not random decisions by any means. Your marketing campaign will only succeed with this careful, long-term planning. 

Are You Ready to Talk…with Your Customers? 

People want to feel valued; therefore, establishing direct communication with members of your audience who engage on your platforms is a crucial part of succeeding in your marketing strategy. Customers who receive recognition through likes, comments, and messaging will feel that much more connected to your brand, turning them from mere observers to paying customers.     

Have you considered a new strategic marketing campaign for your company? Now is the time to take that next step. Contact CDMG today to schedule a strategy meeting with our experts.

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