The Advanced Guide to Digital Marketing with CDMG

It is quite the understatement to say the last two years or so have been interesting. Let’s face it- our world was turned upside down. There is no way to minimize the devastating personal toll a global pandemic has had on our lives, and we would not begin to try. The business world was turned on its ear as well and many companies had to rapidly figure out how to survive.  

And that’s where we come into this story. Creative Direct Marketing Group was made that much more aware of our mission to help businesses succeed during prosperous times and economic downturns. Our role as a leader in direct response advertising and digital marketing is more relevant now than ever and we honor the challenge of creating successful marketing campaigns that build your brand and drive your profits.      

The Relevant Presence of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing with CDMG

Digital marketing is more than a couple of buzzwords thrown around as part of general advertising. In fact, the ubiquitous nature of the term can have its meaning diluted in a vast sea of marketing terminology.  

At CDMG digital marketing is an essential part of our targeted goals to help you grow your business. As a multi-pronged approach, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy enables businesses to disseminate their message across multiple channels ensuring a specific audience is engaged and driven to your products and services.  

It’s not a “let’s try everything and see what works” method. Our marketing approach is to access and analyze the hard data and utilize those numbers to target the people you want as customers. It’s effective and practical, and no part of your message is wasted.    

How Do We Work our Magic? 

It would be fun to think it’s magic and maybe, in a way, it is. Digital marketing is our brand of magic that combines the science of analyzing algorithms to determine the most effective platforms and the creative expertise of our highly skilled strategists. At CDMG we have developed a tried-and-true method for creating successful marketing campaigns with the success of your business at the top of our minds.    

  • We include integrated marketing across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email, and more to ensure we blanket them with your brand.  
  • We utilize a consistent yet powerful message that conveys to your audience who you are and what unique products and services you offer. 
  • We value the power of retargeting and follow your potential customers around the internet with targeted ads that keep your presence top of mind. 
  • We incorporate remarketing to ensure that those specific prospects are reinforced with your message and what you provide.   

Digital Marketing Strategy is No Guessing Game 

Digital Marketing

Your marketing dollars are a hard-earned part of your overall budget. Running a successful business is complicated so our marketing approach is that we work efficiently and are armed with the latest data to ease the workload within at least this part of your business model. You are the expert in your field or industry. We are the experts in ours. We stay up to date in this robust, but sometimes uncertain business landscape. The numbers that make up all of the algorithms we analyze fluctuate, but never take us by surprise because we are constantly at the forefront of any changes in what the marketplace looks like.  

Who are the Usual Digital Marketing Suspects?

Social media. The name says it all. Social means interaction and we integrate the most popular platforms to build awareness of your brand. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube- these are not stagnant or sterile sites. Engagement is their driving force. CDMG harnesses this power to directly communicate with your audience who utilize these platforms as not only social outlets but also as platforms to spend their money on products and services they need and desire.   

The influence of social media platforms is not to be ignored when compiling the elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. YouTube is only second to Google when used as a search engine by consumers. Its video marketing piece as well as those on Facebook and Instagram appeals to targeted audiences to are open to learning about brands and products.  

And our approach doesn’t stop there. Newly emerging platforms like metaverses will be the next paradigm shift in a rapidly evolving technological world.  

The power of digital marketing is quite possibly the most significant game-changer the advertising industry has known since the advent of the personal computer and the smartphone. Traditional forms of advertising, while still maintaining a steadfast presence, cannot compete with the scope of digital marketing.  

You know your business and CDMG can identify your customers and appeal to them with targeted, creative, and highly engaging messaging to solidify your brand as a leader in the global marketplace.  

Where are you in your digital marketing strategy? Contact CDMG today to learn more about our successful approach to your digital marketing needs.

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