Important Facts That One Must Know About Orthokeratology And Orthokeratology Lenses Service

Orthokeratology, also said to be as ortho-k, is a non-invasive vision correction treatment that consists of special gas permeable contact lenses which are to be worn every night before you go to sleep.

  • This gently reshapes your cornea to correct the vision and helps shape light while it enters your eye to support them a better and clearer vision.
  • If the cornea is not in proper shape, images become blurry and hard to discern. For this purpose, you can go to the Orthokeratology lenses service as it gently reshapes your cornea so that you get the best sight possible.
  • The treatment takes place mostly after you are asleep and when you wake up, you have improved eyesight up to 20/20 for the entire day.

They Are the Standard and The Best Quality Lenses That Enable You to See With Clarity:

The contact lenses used in Orthokeratology are not the conventional and standard ones, but they are rigid gas permeable contact lenses that are designed especially to be worn overnight while sleeping. When the patient is still asleep, the special lenses from Orthokeratology lenses service gently reshape the above surface of the eye. The lenses are removed when you are awake and provide the patient with clear eyesight throughout the day.

Ortho-k lenses are mostly prescribed for two chief purposes that are correct refractive errors like nearsightedness, astigmatism, hyperopia, and also presbyopia in some cases; and to slow the progression of myopia in childhood and control it over time. Ortho-k lenses are also referred to as corneal reshaping contact lenses or overnight contact lenses to correct myopia.

Orthokeratology Lenses
Candidates Who Have Nearsightedness Need Lenses for Orthokeratology:

The correct candidates who can opt for ortho-k lenses to an Orthokeratology lenses service clinic is for those who have nearsightedness but are too young for LASIK surgery or any other reason why vision correction surgery may not suit them. These lenses and the procedure can be tried by anyone as long as their eyes are healthy. The treatment most likely attracts people who are related to sports or those who work in dusty environments which can make keeping contact lenses on quite difficult.

For people those who want to be free from glasses and contacts during the time that they are awake, Orthokeratology is a specifically attractive procedure option. The procedure is terrific for situations in which unaided eyesight is an important requirement. From drastically showing good results by enhancing one’s eyesight for recreation, leisure or sports, an Orthokeratology lenses service can offer all the advantages in all the aspects of life.

The Right Fitting Is Must for These Lenses:

Optometrists are responsible for performing most of the procedures of Orthokeratology lens fitting, but it may even be done by ophthalmologists in some cases. The procedure can also be performed by a contact lens specialist under the supervision of an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Not all the doctors can perform this treatment, and so you must seek services from a specialized doctor in this field if you are interested.

While you are at the Orthokeratology lenses service clinic for the procedure to be performed, the doctor will make sure that you are a suitable candidate for ortho-k lenses and fit the lenses so that your eyes don’t feel uncomfortable and are safe. The doctor will arrange for the ortho-k lenses according to your eye measurements and you can get them fitted at a later appointment with them.

An Orthokeratology lenses service clinic and their doctors are capable of improving your vision and lifestyle with these procedures, which is one of the most exhilarating advancements in the field of eye care and vision correction.

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