Improve Your SaaS Sales: Advice From a HubSpot Marketing Professional


The SaaS industry has multiplied throughout the years and has a current value of $145.5 billion. With an annual growth rate of about 18%, these numbers are estimated to increase to $171.9 billion by the close of 2022. Understandably, there are promising opportunities to be had when it comes to your custom software development or SaaS business. Because of the opportunities available within this sector, many businesses are trying to reap the benefits of early entry. You’ll have to face off with competitors to reach similar audiences, and coming out on top means implementing the best possible strategies, such as SEO for e-commerce. Take it from a HubSpot marketing professional: there are many things you can do to stay competitive and improve your sales.

Increase Sign-Up Rates

The best and easiest way to increase SaaS sales is by improving your sign-up rates. There are several ways to encourage potential customers to end up on your landing page, but how many of those methods are you practicing?

Optimize Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Your UVP is a statement that describes the benefits of your services. It shows customers what there is to be gained by doing business with you– how you will solve their problems and how you are different from your competitors. For best results, you should place this statement on your homepage where it will be most accessible to your clients.

Use Your Customer Reviews

If you aren’t already showcasing your positive reviews, now is the time to start. Your landing page should be home to a few firsthand experiences of satisfied customers. New visitors will see these testimonials upon their first visit and will know that your actions align with your words. Reviews are a strong determining factor on whether or not a user will invest in your product, so you should take advantage of positive reviews. You can even benefit from negative reviews by showing concern, addressing issues, and validating your customers’ experiences.

 Explain How the Product Works

Providing clarity to your potential customers will help them know exactly what you offer, the ease of access your product provides, and the many uses they can get out of it. Screenshots and video tutorials are especially helpful to explain the many perks of your services. Website visitors are more likely to sign up if they have a clear picture of exactly how your product will enhance their lives.

Invest in PPC Marketing

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a subset of marketing wherein advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ads. Essentially, you would only pay for advertising if and when someone clicks on your advertisement. Used correctly, this type of marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your SaaS sales.

Using SEO for E-Commerce Through TOF Leads

TOF (top-of-funnel) leads refers to the first step in the client’s journey. In the case of SaaS sales, that first step is normally an internet search. This means focusing on the best keywords you can use to optimize your SEO for e-commerce success. As a HubSpot marketing professional, we would recommend using unique keyword searches that will have less competition. Instead of “custom software development,” you could market your ads as “choosing the right custom software development company.”

 Interact on Social Media

Social media is a predominant method to reach your future clients and continue a relationship with your current customers. It has a variety of uses: marketing, boosting credibility, curating a community, and offering clarity. HubSpot marketing professional strategies include social media exposure and consistent interaction.

Social media allows you to share more personal information about your company and team. It humanizes your business and allows you to connect with your client base. You can post photos and videos explaining how to use your product, company values, and answer commonly asked questions. You’re the only limit to your social media presence, so get creative!

Learn to Decrease Churn

After getting the hang of recruiting new customers and attracting users to your landing page, it’s time to focus on retaining your clients. “Churn” is the number of users that cancel your product and is an important metric to consider when perfecting your marketing strategies. You can reduce churn by paying attention to its patterns. You can do likewise by hiring a HubSpot marketing professional.

Focus on Retention

Make sure to engage your current customers. Don’t neglect your ongoing business in search of new prospects. You can successfully engage your client base by reaching out to ensure they’re satisfied and listen to their feedback. If they have any issues, make sure to address their concerns and work towards satisfaction. Treat all customers like new customers to harbor the best relationships possible.

Use Predictive Analysis to Your Advantage

Predictive analytics record patterns that will warn you before a customer’s cancellation. You can use this warning to reach out and reduce the chance of your customer leaving. These tools can also identify any features of your SaaS that might deter customers, so you know which areas of improvement to focus on.

There is huge success to be had with custom software development, based on SaaS or not, and you can increase your profitability by consistently taking a few easy steps. Combine a good SaaS product and effective SEO for e-commerce while giving equal attention to potential clients and existing clients. Become your own HubSpot marketing professional or work with one and you can definitely increase your SaaS sales. If you’re looking for more guidance, give us a call at (865) 465-4040 or sign up for our newsletter.

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