What Are Major Types of Roof Hatch Accesses?

You can access your flat roof with the help of roof hatch access. Roof hatch is more like a door to enter the roof. You need to open its cover to access the roof. A roof hatch access consists of two large units namely a cover and an upstand. The upstand needs to be installed on your roof. The cover is used to close off the upstand.

Two Situations Where You Need A Roof Hatch Access

Roof hatch access can be used in a variety of situations which come under two main categories as follows:

  • Buildings for non- residential use like hospitals, industrial sectors, offices etc.
  • Residential buildings

5 Characteristics Of Roof Hatch Access For Non-Residential Buildings

  • This roof hatch access is installed for maintaining rooftop installations or the roofs like treatment systems, units for air conditioning etc.
  • You have to bridge one floor which is the main benefit of these roof hatch access
  • You can climb to your roofs from indoors after installing roof hatch access. The staircases can be used to reach the topmost floor or the roof of your home.
  • When you have to climb from the topmost floor of your house and through a roof hatch access, the distance is only 2.5 to 3 meters. Hence you can easily and securely bridge this height if you combine this hatch with a ladder or a staircase
  • No unauthorized person would be able to access the roof but before on when caged ladders were used unauthorized people could access the roof resulting in quite many risks.
    • The purpose of these hatches meant for residential buildings is to spend relaxed time on your rooftop terrace.
    • Rooftops can be accessed by the use of glazed roof hatch access. This glazed type helps the daylight to enter the rooms underneath which makes the appearance of the rooms more attractive and spacious.
    • Glazed roof hatch access is a spacious access to your roof and you can easily combine it with your existing staircase.
    • The glazed hatches have unique designs which ensure that the motors and roof profile are hidden from the general view
    • The high quality of materials and triple glazing provide optimum comfort
    • The electrical control helps easy opening of the hatch

6 Characteristics Of Roof Hatch Access Meant For Residential Apartments

4 Common Types Of Roof Hatch Access Easily Available In The Market

Full line ladders are used to access the roof hatches. You can customize angles of the ship ladders and folding ladders. The following are 4 major types of roof hatch access available in the market:

  • Ships ladders– These hatch accesses are for a fixed or permanent installation. They utilize heavy-duty brackets made up of aluminium. Standard flush handrails are used.
  • Fixed wall ladders that are retractable– When you have limited space to your roof you can use this design that saves the space. Specialized mounting brackets are utilized which allow the ladder to retract against the wall in a flat manner. Non-marking rubber feet is used which secures the ladder’s bottom and there lies protective rubber plugs on the top.
  • Fixed wall ladders-If you need a permanent access to your roof, you need to use this type of roof hatch access. This uses heavy-duty brackets for mounting.
  • Ladder extension safety posts– This type provides a much safer and easy access through your roof hatch access. It provides a strong hold which enables you to exit or enter the openings in a balanced yet upright position.

Here is all the information about the roof hatch and its characteristics. The types used in both residential and non-residential apartments are stated in this article.

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