What Are Good Reasons to Call Animal Control?

Unexpected wildlife inhabitants inside, underneath, and outside of your home can lead to unnecessary stress, expensive repairs, and a frantic search for “animal control near me.” If you suspect that you might have unwelcome pests and need professional help, then it might be time to get in touch with animal control experts. Not sure whether your situation calls for professional help? Our team at Complete Animal Control has curated a list of reasons you might need to bring in wildlife removal services and put a stop to current or future property damages. Our humane animal removal solutions aim to address your wildlife issues before they grow into expensive headaches.  

Signs You Should Contact Animal Control Experts 

Sometimes, it’s better to bring in an expert rather than wait out the problem or attempt to solve it on your own. How can you decide when it’s time to throw in the towel and ask for professional help?  

  1. The signs are there.  

Maybe you’ve noticed frequent squeaking, scratching, rusting, or other unusual noises coming from your walls, attic, and common areas. These sounds may pick up early in the morning or late at night. Look for overturned trash cans, urine stains, feces, and chipped/gnawed woods, electrical wiring, and walls. Outside of the home, you can keep an eye out for elevated ground within your yard or similar damages to the exterior of your home and crawlspace. If your pets are acting peculiar (constant exploration of typically ignored areas paired with wariness), it might be worth trusting their gut. Pets are often able to pick up on infestations before their owners, and further investigation is merited. Animal control service teams have the professional experience to know which critters are attempting to make a home within yours and the best methods to remove them before the issues escalate.  

2. You have tried to unsuccessfully solve the problem yourself.

Unfortunately, you’ve determined that there is a wildlife problem inside or outside of your home and have taken appropriate actions. You’ve set up traps, blocked areas of access, and attempted to get rid of the pests using all resources available to you. Even still, the problem persists. You should immediately contact animal control experts to follow up on the situation and professionally remove the infestations. You can walk them through the steps you have already taken and lead them to any major areas of concern. They will help fix the issues and determine if there are any additional entry points that should be blocked off. 

3. Your children or animals are in danger. 

If you have children and/or pets in your house, any signs of an infestation should be taken seriously and paired with quick action. Waiting to contact wildlife removal services will only keep your children and pets at unnecessary risk for an attack or exposure to harmful substances and disease. 

What Makes Your Home Vulnerable? 

The common reason for recurring or new wildlife infestations is the animals’ access to entry points. Depending on the structure of your home or additional structures on your land, various animals may be able to sneak inside undetected. Entry points vary based on the animal, however, there are several accessways you should monitor and critter-proof:  

  • Gable, roof, ridge, and wall vents 
  • Roof soffit intersections 
  • Brick soffit gaps
  • Drip edge fascia 
  • Weeping bricks 
  • Shingles and eaves/troughs 
  • Chimneys 
  • Garage door weather strips 
  • Underneath porches, decks, sheds, and houses 

If you suspect any of these areas of your home or yard have been tampered with by wildlife or are at risk of wildlife entry, reach out to animal removal services for further inspection and services. Searching for “animal control near me” can be the difference between thousands of dollars in damages and repairs, and our team at Complete Animal Control specializes in humane prevention and removal after years of experience.  

Preventative Animal Control Measures and Services 

If you are able to identify any vulnerabilities in your home’s exterior, it’s only a matter of time before the local wildlife finds it, too. The best preventative measure you can take is to make a list of all identified issues and spend time making repairs. Close off all entry points with materials that animals will not be able to break through with a bit of hard work– this means using concrete and metal over any foam products.  

Complete Animal Control Near Me 

Need a bit of help keeping your home critter proof? Complete Animal Control provides inspection, removal, and repair services. We offer comprehensive wildlife removal options that thoroughly eliminate wildlife problems and ensure they will not reappear in the future. Our team will relocate wildlife intruders using humane live trapping and relocation over 20 miles away. We identify their points of entry, seal them with the highest grade materials, and offer repair services for damages left behind. We have animal control services available in Tennessee and Kentucky and can be reached at any time through our website. 

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