What To Do When You Have Fluctuating Temperature Problems With Your Shower?


There are times when the shower in your bathroom might suffer from a major problem, and you may not get hot or cold water during a shower. Either there is very little water coming out of the shower, or there is constant fluctuation in temperature. The right plumber can sort out the issue and give you the best ideas about how to take care of the entire plumbing system. Although there are different DIY methods that are available, the right plumber will do the work more professionally. For the water heater and the channels of water that circulate hot and cold water must be in proper condition and the right plumber can offer you the best services in this regard. If you see that the water heater has suddenly stopped working, there are hissing sounds from the heater or there is scaling and bad smell, there is some problem with the heater. A trained and experienced plumber can work in the best possible manner in this regard. There are both gas and electric heaters that are available and for any kind of temperature fluctuation, any type of heater can get damaged.


If there is excessive or uncontrollable water heating: Go for hiring the best plumbers

If there is an uncontrollable water heating that you find, it is a matter of concern. Only a trained plumber can help in that regard, and you can hire him on per hour basis or in any other way if he wants to repair the heater in a very short time. You need to check and isolate the problem, find out where exactly the fault lies, and then test the water temperature under one shower and finally go for the next. Hot and cold-water balance is important and needs to be done quite patiently. Regular cleaning of the heater, pipelines, main valve etc is necessary and an experienced plumber has all the major utility instruments and tools that can help you in this regard.

  • Regular inspection of the water heater is very necessary as this makes it easier to locate rust, corrosion or any other type of problem that might be hampering the function of the water heater.
  • There can also be temperature fluctuations if the water tank is of small size. The right tank size decides how the water can be channelized to all the taps of the bathroom, so that taking shower becomes easier. Also, you can check the water heater manual for understanding the possibilities and safety concerns that you might face.
  • There is also an emergency thermostat that is present in the water heater and if that starts malfunctioning, there is a probability that the water might not get hot or cold very easily. In that case, only a trained plumber can detect the matter and take necessary steps accordingly. There might be a chance of resetting the thermostat also.
  • Even If the water heater is powered by gas, you might have to do the following things: there is a constant need to check the pilot light. If it is off, you should make a point to switch on the light. You should also turn and check the gas valve to know whether it is working properly.
  • Moreover, there can also be a heating and cooling problem if the plumber detects that there is a major layer of moisture accumulation in the basement. A damp or moisture accumulation can have a detrimental effect on the switch. So, the plumber should take immediate measures.


Now, considering all the necessary aspects, you can hire the best and the most trained plumber from your locality, or from the online portals. You may also check their reviews before you hire.


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